We got Instagram - better late than never!

Tyneside Developments has proved to be a social media success, after the company launched itself onto Instagram earlier this year. The TD Instagram account has gained over 200 followers since the start of March, all in the property development and investment industries.Our average reach has increased by 120% in the last month, with professionals and businesses across the North East engaging with our exciting content. When we posted our first Instagram Reel, we reached 1100+ accounts and received a lot of positive engagement!

Getting the TD brand out there has been tricky in the last year, with Covid-19 restrictions keeping everyone inside, so Instagram has been a great tool to help the company reach a much wider audience interested in property development in the UK. When landing on our Instagram, you will be greeted by a fully immersive branded experience. By using an array of shades of purple, selective fonts, high quality photography and informative but witty captions we have made it very clear what we stand for as a North East property developer.

Some of our most popular posts have been the Before and After photos of our ongoing development at Highbury in Jesmond, where we are creating three brand new family homes.

Snippet from Highbury Before VS After Instagram Post

Check out one of our Commercial development Reels - Park View, and the one of our team suited up while receiving training from Pattinson Scientific Services Ltd on how to deal with and dispose of asbestos

We will be continuing to update the TD Instagram regularly with news, photos and updates from all our property development projects. Why not head over now and check out what else we have been posting! It's a great way of staying up to date on everything our developments team are getting up to!

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