Our latest project at Goldspink Lane

At Tyneside Developments, we take an individual approach to each new job.

Every Client has different needs, and every property has different potential, so we take the time to assess a project from the perspective of all those involved to find a comprehensive solution that benefits everyone.
Our latest project at Goldspink Lane is a prime example of how a little extra attention can make a significant difference. Initially, we were tasked with replacing the deteriorating roof, however through discussions with our Client, we found additional ways to add value and improve the outcome in more ways than one.

The building is at the end of a terrace in Sandyford. There is a commercial unit on the ground floor, which is home to an independent restaurant, with three residential flats on the upper floors.
When we began discussing this project with our Client, they expressed concern about the EPC rating of the top floor flat, which was only achieving an E rating.

A number of factors affect the energy efficiency of a property. In this particular instance, the major issue was a lack of insulation in the old roof. In addition, the dormers and skylights were in need of an upgrade.

Under current legislation, a rating of E is the minimum requirement for a rented property, however the Government is proposing to raise this minimum rating to a C for all new lets from 2025, with existing tenancies given until 2028 to comply.
Our Client was keen to take the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of their property now, both to protect their rental investment in the long-term in the face of legislation changes, and to help their existing tenant to cope with the rising cost of energy bills by making it easier for them to heat their home.

Our team added brand new layers of thermal insulation into the new roof, which will help to stop heat escaping from the building. We refurbished the existing dormer windows, carrying out repairs and reglazing them in brand new double glazing. Finally, new Velux windows were fitted to replace the old skylights.

We consulted with an EPC assessor to ensure the effectiveness of the proposed measures and the result of our efforts brought the EPC rating of the top floor flat up to its maximum potential of a C rating.

These upgrades will secure our Client’s property investment for the future, provide a warmer home for the tenant with lower bills and make the property more energy efficient, which will have a long-term benefit for the environment as well.

If you have a project in need of a bespoke solution or a unique approach, get in touch with the Tyneside Developments team by email to info@tynesidedevelopments.com or call our office on 0191 315 3700.

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