More about Tyneside Group Team- Meet Tyler Sumnall

This month we welcome our team back to the office, and what better way than a Q&A with a member of our team. We spoke to Tyler to learn more about him and his role at Tyneside Group. 


1.  So Tyler, tell us about how you came to work at Tyneside Group and what it is you do?

The opportunity to work at Tyneside Group as a ‘Creative Intern’ was advertised on the Northumbria University website portal. As part of my 4 year Marketing Management course at the university, I had to complete a year in industry. The role of Marketing Intern at Tyneside called out to me. As a marketing student with big ideas and ‘something to prove’, the responsibility and freedom to explore different marketing avenues within the property industry sounded like an unmissable opportunity that I couldn't ignore.

*3… years…later

I’m still here! My role within Tyneside has evolved a bit since I first joined, now being responsible for property video editing, website management and design plus my original duties of social media management and market research. 


2.  What's the best thing about your job?

Definitely the trust and support of management. Since I started at Tyneside, Robbie and Victoria have been nothing but supportive. They have believed in me and my ideas, even when sometimes I have not. Their consistent drive for excellence has improved the quality of my contribution to the company drastically over the years and I am grateful for the skills and knowledge I now have, that allow me to tackle tasks more confidently. 



3.  What attracted you initially to a career in Marketing

Honestly, in high school I found that I was better at more creative subjects, like Art and Woodwork, than I was at say, Geography and French. However, I didn’t see myself making a career out of either of them. I found a passion for marketing, as it allowed me to still be creative, but in a more proactive way. 



4.  What achievements are you particularly proud of?

Achieving a 1st Class Degree in the middle of a global pandemic…. I think that’s pretty impressive.



5.  How do you think your colleagues would describe you?

That depends. If they were to describe me while I was still a student on my internship… probably an alcoholic.

Now I’m out of uni, I have become more career driven and dedicated to developing my skills and knowledge of digital marketing. I think this is pretty obvious within the office, as I have become a little less talkative and annoying than I used to be.

Proudest work moment: I am most proud witnessing a Marketing Campaign go live after months of researching theory and developing Ideas. It is a great feeling knowing your hard work and dedication to a project was worthwhile as you see your ideas put into practice.

6.     What’s your favourite thing about being back in the office?

My favourite thing about being back in the office is that I actually get to leave my flat during the working week. More specifically, the cold spare room. 

And that I get to see and speak to the team face to face and not over Google Meet. You really underestimate how important human contact is to your mental health. 


7.  Next time you travel, where will you go?

As long as it's sunny, has cheap flights and is out of the UK, I really do not care!

That being said however, I need enough time to burn off the FIVE-Mc-Nan-Dom-King-dos I had during lockdown.


8.  What five words come to mind when you think about Tyneside Group?

Loyal, Thorough, Understanding, Driven and Pragmatic


9.   What have you learned during the lockdown?

I have learnt that the physique built over 6 years of a reasonably good diet, playing sport, working out and partying, can be undone within a matter of 3 months of not being allowed outside and finding out you can get Deliveroo to your flat.

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