More about Tyneside Group Team- Meet Dale Rylatt

With the pandemic changing how the world works, Tyneside Group is no exception. We're working hard to keep the human connection that makes Tyneside Group such a great company to be a part of. This month, we spoke to Dale, our Property Manager to find out more about him...

1.      So Dale, tell us about your role at Tyneside Group...
I am the Property Manager at Tyneside, so deal with all things property management. This ranges from general maintenance, to compliance, inspections, inventories and check ins and outs.

2.      What's the best thing about your job?
The fact that no day is ever the same. Every property is unique, and the tenants are all different types of people from all over the world. I love going into a property and spending time in there imagining what it could be, how it could be re-designed, or re-structured to fulfil its potential.  

3.      What attracted you initially to a career in property?
I sort of fell into the role, coming out of University I started with an agent working part time doing lettings viewings which lead to property inspections. From the first inspection, looking in depth into the property and its potential, that Property Management was the route I wanted to take.

4.      What achievements are you particularly proud of?
Having left University before graduating and starting in the industry as a part time accompanied viewer, I am proud of how quickly I have been able to grow my knowledge and experience enough to reach the level of Property Manager as well as passing my NFOPP qualification.

5.      How do you think your colleagues would describe you?
This probably isn’t printable, ha! I think they would describe me as a bit of a wind up and laidback around the office. However, when it comes to serious work, I’d like to think they would consider me on to be on the ball and knowledgeable.

6.     What’s your favourite thing about being back in the office?
Being back around the team daily. It changes the whole dynamic of working, being around people and talking rather than having to do a video chat or send WhatsApp message.

7.      Next time you travel, where will you go?
I have held out hope, throughout lockdown, that I would still be able to go to New York at the end of October, so fingers crossed that is the next place I go! If not, I’m thinking of travelling the North Coast 500.

8.      What five words come to mind when you think about Tyneside Group?
Progressive, Professional, Knowledgeable, Friendly, Team

9.       What have you learned during the lockdown?
I’ve learned a few things I wish I hadn’t! I’m not very good at general knowledge quizzes and how easy to gain weight when you aren’t leaving the house but also how many amazing places there are within cycling distance of Newcastle.


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