Coronavirus update – an update from Robbie Kalbraier, Managing Director

As many of you will know, Tyneside Group is committed to providing an excellent service to all our customers, including landlords and of course tenants.

As the Coronavirus situation continues to play out across the UK and beyond, we wanted to reassure you that our team is working hard on your behalf to offer the same high-quality standard of service in these challenging times.

Tyneside Group is an agile organisation and our team is now working remotely following the closure of our office. We are adhering to social distancing guidelines which have been put in place to ensure everyone’s safety and would encourage you all to do the same.

The business continues to operate as normal and our communication channels remain open, so please get in touch via email or telephone if you need anything.

On a personal note, I understand it’s a challenging time for many people. My team and I wish the very best to all of our customers, suppliers and staff at this difficult time.

We remain ever confident in the strength of the property market which will undoubtably bounce back from this pandemic. Property is a solid, long-term investment and that isn’t likely to change any time soon! While we know the situation is of course having an impact on many across the sector, we believe it will be short-lived and we will come out of this crisis in good time as things begin to settle down in the coming weeks.

Finally, as the drop in base rate has made borrowing cheaper, we know many landlords and developers are in fact making the best of the situation and investing at this time - a sure sign that, as they say, property is as safe as houses.

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